Top 8 Marijuana Strains that you Can Grow Anywhere

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Top 8 Marijuana Strains that you Can Grow Anywhere

Growing cannabis is an easy and straightforward thing to do. In most cases, there will be cannabis strains that require you to give them plenty of attention, such as time, proper ventilation, and nutrition. On the other hand, many cannabis strains thrive on their own, and whether you grow them indoors or outdoors, they live to mature as old cannabis plants.

So, if you plan to grow cannabis in your backyard or start a small business, the best way for you to start is to cultivate marijuana strains that are easy to grow. Easy to grow in the sense that they don’t require you to spend large sums of money, acquire different cultivation methods, give them plenty of nutrients, and all sorts. If you want to start growing marijuana strains, here are some marijuana strains that you can grow anywhere to start things off.

1. Blue Dream Strain

Blue Dream is one of the legends when it comes to cannabis in general. This legendary strain is known to provide users with some of the most potent and dazzling display of effects and flavors. This Sativa dominant is bound to lift your worries away, thanks to its 24% of THC content. It is capable enough to induce you to a cerebral high that is soon followed up by waves of motivation and creativity. Best used for mental disorders such as anxiety, bipolar disorders, and depression, to name a few.

The Blue Dream made it on this list because of how easy to grow this plant is. Not only does this strain popular among smokers but growers too. Great for growers who don’t know about growing, you can cultivate strain on an outdoor environment because of its Sativa genes. Another good thing to note about this plant is its high-yielding capabilities and is resistant to common molds and mildews. Expect a fast flowering not exceeding ten weeks.

2. Northern Lights Strain

Just like Blue Dream strain, the Northern Lights strain is a legend too. By far, this is one of the most popular strains of all time. Northern Lights is a pure Indica strain that packs a good punch when you talk about potency and power. With 21% of THC content, this will surely catapult your body into a euphoric state combined with a feeling of giggles and a change of mood.

The Northern Lights made it on the list because of how resistant this plant is, from powdery mildews, molds, and even pests. Northern Lights love an adequately ventilated area which can be addressed either outdoor or indoor environment. However, this strain is best suited for indoor cultivation as it is relatively compact and stocky. It would only need to take a short amount of time before it is ready for harvesting and provides bountiful yields once harvest season ends.

3. Green Crack Strain

Green Crack is a Sativa dominant plant that is a favorite among smokers and growers. This plant is the result of inbreeding the ever-famous Skunk #1 strain. This strain will surely put some giggles in your mood and provide you with plenty of energy throughout the day. Best used during the day because of how it can affect the person’s outlook for the day thanks to its uplifting and cerebral effects.

Although most growers tend to shy away from Sativa dominant plants because of how long their flowering time is, that’s not the case with Green crack. Thanks to its slight Indica genes, its flowering time was cut short. Green crack can be grown either indoors or outdoors, and it depends on your preference. They are the best choice for beginners because of how easy it is to develop them and are quite durable when you talk about resistance.

4. White Widow Strain

White widow strain is a slight Sativa dominant plant that is a hybrid cross between Brazilian Sativa and a South Indian Indica strain. This strain is famous for its therapeutic benefits that easily washes away any symptoms of depression, stress, anxiety, and other mental disorders. Best used during the afternoon, the White widow strain has a very relaxing high, great for people wanting to step back from reality.

When you talk about strains that can be planted anywhere, a White widow should easily be on the list. It thrives on the outdoor environment, but with its formidable rock resistance among molds and mildews, it can be grown indoors as well. The great thing about this strain is it produces many trichomes, and many trichomes mean abundant bud sites! This strain can also be recommended for beginners or first-time cultivators.

5. Gorilla Glue #4 Strain

GG4 or also known as the Original Glue, this strain is an Indica dominant plant that is renowned for its extremely high THC content the surpasses everyone on this list. With 32% of THC, this strain was considered to have the highest THC content in a cannabis plant. The effects will instantly blow you away with euphoria that slowly builds up in the body and mind. As you are mind get catapulted to the highest, your body will succumb and will be lifeless for a couple of hours. Best used at night because of its couch-lock property.

The Gorilla Glue #4 strain is a legend on its right, and for a good reason, if you are starting your cannabis journey, why not start from a legend, right? This one is pretty easy to cultivate and has excellent resistance to common pests and mildews. No matter where you put this strain, it will thrive on its own. Expect massive yields once harvest season starts

6. Quick One Strain

The Quick One strain is an Indica Ruderalis strain. It is one of the first Autoflowering strains to be introduced in the world of cannabis growing. Quick one strain is a hybrid cross between the Northern Lights X William’s Wonder strains and was crossed to a Mexican Autoflowering strain. Although this strain doesn’t have a high THC content, it still capable of inducing a powerful high that is somewhat more relaxing and calming. Plus, the flavors will remind you of classic marijuana strains, earthy, herbal, and a bit of Skunky.

As the name suggests, the Quick one strain can flower in a flash thanks to its ruderalis gene. Another good thing to note about the quick one strain is how easy this strain can be grown, and whatever method you choose, it will thrive on its own and flourish until it starts to flower. Be ready for the harvest; it might come quickly as you would guess.

7. Dutch Treat Strain

An Amsterdam staple, the Dutch Treat strain is an Indica dominant. With its 80% Indica genes, users are sure to get down and dirty after a few hits. The high is powerful enough to let you feel that you are like hit by a moving truck. It has good THC content, from 18% to 25% great enough to keep your sorrows and worries at bay after a few tokes.

Dutch Treat is an Indica dominant strain; this means that it thrives well under an indoor environment. However, if plant outdoors, the plant will still produce respectable yields. What growers love about this strain is how good its resistance is. After the harvest season is over, you get to enjoy massive yields that will surround your backyard with a candy-like aroma.

8. Cinex Strain

A Sativa dominant strain, the Cinext strain, is a hybrid cross between the very popular Cinderella99 and Vortex strains. The result is a very creative high that is perfect if you want to boost your artistic side. You’ll feel an incredible amount of energy flowing through you after just a few tokes. The uplifted state you encounter is followed up by a full-body relaxation that will helps you anchored as your mind goes to the highest of highs.

Cinex strain made it on this list because of how sturdy the plant is. You have to thank its parents for this exceptional ability. Best grown under different kinds of setup, the Cinex thrives on its own but will require you to monitor them every once. Resistance is what makes them ideal for first-time growers. As you give them the time they need, you will be rewarded with large yields.


If it’s your first time cultivating marijuana plants, the best way to start your cannabis growing journey is to pick any strain from the list. They are proven to be beginner-friendly and will get you started.

Always remember that although these plants may thrive on their own, they still need what most plants need, proper watering, ventilation, sunlight exposure, and many more. If you provide them with all the care in the world, you will reap the rewards once harvest season is over.

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