Sell Cannabis Online With These Useful Tips

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Sell Cannabis Online With These Useful Tips

Have you always wanted to sell cannabis online? If you have but don’t know where to start, we’ll be happy to help you out. The cannabis market is booming, and one of the ways to partake of this amazing opportunity is to sell your marijuana online.  There are two possibilities: you can sell your weed through an online dispensary, or you may launch your own cannabis online shop. 

Selling your homegrown weed through an online dispensary is easier and hassle-free. But many growers are also venturing on their own cannabis online shop and selling their products there. Starting from scratch can be challenging but fruitful in the end. 

Tips to Sell Cannabis Online

In some ways, selling cannabis and cannabis products is like selling regular items online. To ensure success, consider the following tips:

1. Always Stick to Regulations

Before you start selling on your own site or from an existing online dispensary, take note of local regulations about selling cannabis online. Different states, countries, and regions have different rules about marijuana, and these constantly evolve. It’s best to refresh your knowledge about local laws and to comply with all regulations before you start your business. 

If you’re planning on selling weed from a local online site, contact the dispensary owner and ask for their requirements regarding selling your cannabis on their online site. Most have minimal requirements, and you may even get the chance to advertise from their sites as well. 

2. What Makes Your Product Better than Others?

There are hundreds of cannabis online shops, and there are thousands of cannabis strains in the market, how do make sure that your products stand out from the rest? The key is to consider the highlights and benefits of using your product.

If you’re introducing new strains, it would be a good idea to have your new weed strains tested for their cannabinoid levels, such as THC and CBD levels. You can take your weed to a professional testing lab to get accurate readings. Use lab results to highlight the THC and CBD amounts as many consumers are up for high THC weed while others look for therapeutic cannabis strains. 

How your weed was cultivated makes it different from others. If you use organic growing techniques or use some special type of soil or nutrients, you can highlight these as these make your homegrown weed far better than others

3. Special Offers and Deals

Consumers are always looking for ways to save on weed, so take advantage of this when selling weed online. If you have your own cannabis online dispensary, you can start by offering special deals and promos such as free deliveries once your purchase reaches a certain price or free seeds for a price.

Other popular special offers and deals include free local deliveries, free E-books, growing bibles, and discounts on different cannabis-related merchandise.

4. Stick to Good Quality

Always consider the best quality products to sell. This is often what customers look for and consider before anything else. They want good-quality smoke, rich flavor, and the best effects. And quality is also seen in how the product is packed and how it’s shipped. 

5. Invest in Good Online Techniques

If you sell cannabis from your own website, good online strategies can help you reach more customers. Take note that most customers are organic customers as they start using Google search to find good sites. Therefore, improving your website is one of the ways to capture your customers’ attention. 

Start by providing quality updated content, use good photographs, use SEO techniques like the proper placement of keywords related to your business (such as “seed bank in Canada or the best seed bank in Canada.” You may also hire professional content and website developers to help you overhaul an existing website. 

6. Take Great Photos 

As we mentioned, one way to make your website more attractive to customers is to feature your products in lovely, full-color, quality images. 

7. Include Some Helpful Information 

Most consumers look for additional information on the weed that they want or have recently purchased. Some of the information that they are looking for is the amount of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids, the natural, medicinal and side effects of a strain, and some advice on how to consume the strain.

Some online dispensaries also use the information to draw customers to buy their products. You can publish your 10 best medicinal strain picks, the best high THC strains in your site, or the best strains for different moods. Consider that a lot of people are new to taking cannabis as a recreational or medicinal drug. You’re here not just to sell weed but to educate your customers too as they try cannabis or new strains for the first time. 

8. Social Media is Your Friend    

Almost all online seedbanks use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to reach out to customers. Indeed, this is one of the best ways to stay afloat and to boost your popularity online. You can use your social media pages to inform customers of new products, to take orders, and to pot anything and everything about cannabis. In turn, your customers will easily find you and recommend you to their friends online. 

The key to being relevant in social media is to post new things daily. You can feature new strains daily, post videos about your products, and repost anything related to your business. 

9. Traditional Marketing = Online Marketing

If you have a local shop or dispensary, then anything you offer here should reflect on your online site. If you offer free seeds, deliveries, and other perks in your actual shop, these must also be available from your online site. Make your online site an extension of your business. 

Most of all, sell cannabis online with confidence. It’s a guarantee that you’ll find great success in selling your homegrown weed if you consider these time-tested tips and techniques. Good luck with your new online selling venture.

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