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Sell Cannabis Seeds Online

So you’re ready to sell cannabis seeds online? Indeed, more and more growers are turning to online cannabis selling to reach their customers better. When you sell online, you can expand your market and sell it to even the remotest customer on the planet. Online selling can also boost the popularity of your business and your brand. 

A Few Things to Consider When You Sell Cannabis Seeds Online

You must have purchased cannabis seeds from an online seed bank before and have noticed that most online businesses offer a wide variety of cannabis strains. You may have also seen online seed banks offer different deals and discounts. All these and more if you decide to sell cannabis seeds online.  

The Different Kinds of Cannabis Seeds Available in Most Online Seed Banks

In a typical cannabis seed bank, you will notice that seeds are grouped accordingly, which makes it easier for consumers to shop. Seeds are classified as regular, feminized, automatic, and medicinal seeds. However, some seed banks offer other seeds like indica seeds, sativa seeds, hybrid seeds, beginner seeds, and THC-rich seeds.

Regular Seeds

Regular cannabis is the cheapest because these are very basic seeds. These seeds will grow to photoperiod plants or those that require a special growing light schedule to flower. Regular seeds are also asexual during the seedling and growing phase but will eventually reveal their genders once the plants are in the pre-flowering stage. Photoperiods are preferred by breeders and growers who want to grow cannabis seeds. 

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are seeds that will grow female flowers. Feminized seeds will still require a special grow light schedule to flower. Also, this kind of cannabis seeds is perfect for weed growers as they won’t have to deal with female plants.  

Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering seeds will grow automatic plants. These cannabis plants will automatically flower without the help of a special lighting schedule. Autoflowering cannabis seeds flower very early at around 7 to 9 weeks compared to regular strains that bloom at 9 to 12 weeks. Autos are small and compact plants, which is why it’s popular among stealth growers. 

Medicinal Seeds 

Medical seeds will grow cannabis plants with high CBD content. CBD is the therapeutic component of cannabis plants and is the reason why marijuana is used as a medicine for a variety of conditions. Medical seeds are for people who would like to grow their supply of medical marijuana or those who would like to grow for a friend or family member. 

THC Seeds

THC is the psychoactive component of cannabis, and thus, strains with high THC are preferred by recreational users. THC seeds will grow cannabis plants with steep THC and thus is one of the most expensive seeds as well. 

Special Deals on Cannabis Seeds Online

Cannabis seeds are expensive, more costly than other plant seeds. This is why most seed banks offer special deals and discounts. And more popular seeds are more expensive than others as autoflowering cannabis seeds are twice or thrice the price of regular seeds. 

Special deals and discounts available from online seed banks include free seeds when the purchase total reaches a particular price or free shipment if your total also reaches a particular price. There are also discounts for special customers like seniors, military, teachers, students, etc. 

You need to take note of these deals and promos which are much awaited especially during special days of the year such as April 20 or 420 which is weed day all over the world, during the yuletide holidays, US independence day, Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving Day.

Payment Methods Accepted

When you sell cannabis online, you need to consider safe and efficient ways for your customers to pay for their purchases. There are several trusted ways to pay, including credit cards, money transfer, bank transfer, checks, cash, and Bitcoin. Yes, nowadays, Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are being used as payment by more and more people. Many agree that Bitcoins are safer and more efficient than other payment methods. Another popular online payment option is PayPal; however, only a few online seedbanks accept PayPal.

Consider the payment option that your customers trust and the one that’s more frequently used in your area. Take note that some payment options are available only for US customers or Canadian customers. Make it more convenient to buy weed seeds in your online site by offering different payment options.   

Growing Tips and Tricks

As you’re selling cannabis seeds, it would be good to offer free advice, tips, and tricks on how to grow marijuana. Most beginner growers are not just looking for quality seeds but are also into some good advice. Start with the following information

  • How to germinate cannabis seeds – this is the best time to introduce your recommended germination method to ensure the quality of your seeds. 
  • How to care for seedlings
  • How to apply nutrients
  • How to deal with pests
  • How to get rid of molds
  • Dealing with nutrient problems
  • Choosing the right type of light
  • And many more                                 

The Top Cannabis Seeds to Buy Online

Most cannabis banks offer a list of the best product available. These can help consumers buy the strains that they need.  The most sought-after cannabis seeds depend on what people are looking for. Breeders prefer strains that are highly stable, high-quality, landrace strains as they need these to breed good marijuana plants. Meanwhile, people who grow cannabis for weed may prefer feminized seeds over regular cannabis seeds as these reduce the worries of accidental pollination of female plants. 

For people who want to grow medicinal cannabis, CBD seeds, or medical cannabis seeds are the best choices. And for those who want to cultivate psychoactive recreational strains, THC-rich strains are available. You can sell cannabis seeds online directly to customers or through a legit cannabis seed bank. Almost all seed banks online serve international customers. Orders are made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so be ready to welcome and serve customers from everywhere.

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