The Role of Technology in Transforming the Marijuana Industry

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The Role of Technology in Transforming the Marijuana Industry

By legalizing the use of marijuana in most of the countries in the world, a lot of people create different ways to consume it. To use it, whether for recreational or medical purposes. The legalization of cannabis helped the users see the different sides of this. Many aspects affect the use of cannabis’s nowadays to develop new about it. 

In this article, understand the role of technology better when it comes to transforming the cannabis industry. 

The Advent of Cannabis Technology

By this time, the technology has already conquered the cannabis world. The technology helps the users, buyers, and dealers of cannabis to make a faster transaction. Technology has a big impact on that that are involved in this cannabis world. The easiest way to have a transaction about cannabis is through technology wherever and wherever you are. Easy right? Just a click and you have already transacted. 

Both the satisfaction of the users, buyers, and dealers of cannabis were the ones that were given. It cannot be denied that technology is fast to evolve nowadays. It makes transactions, whether it is small or big easier and very convenient. It is not only the transactions of the cannabis technology that has been manipulated. 

The technology has also been in the growth of cannabis. How it is made has been a part of technology. Remote constructed growth of cannabis has been developed already. It does not only make the job of growers, but it does conserve time for everyone involved.

Cannabis Cultivation Made Easier by Technology

The technology brought a new and better way of innovating new products of cannabis. By using and helping technology, planting, and extracting CBD from cannabis plants were developed in many ways. 

Cannabis Innovation Technologies

1. Drain Brain 

It is a piece of stainless steel equipment that removes the waxes in the extracted oils from the cannabis plant. It is the faster dewaxing equipment than the typical one for cannabis. This technology is founded in 2009 by the United Science Company, targeting product manufacturers and extractors. 

Dewaxing is the fundamental post-extraction for cannabis wherein the waxes that are in the extraction of oils have been filtered. By dissolving the oil in ethanol and by chilling, it is the process of dewaxing. 

2. Pick of the Lot 

Pick of the Lot is commonly known as the “Moon Pickers,” which is an infused toothpick. It eliminates the moisture that is contained in the toothpicks in exchange. It infuses the toothpick with cannabis oil, powder, or solution. It is founded way back in 2018 by the Canna Foods Rx in Scottsdale, Arizona. It targets the product manufacturers and retailers. 

3. Pressing Matters 

Pressing Matters in the access rosin machine has been incorporated with patent-pending plates. It enables the production of commercial rosin presses to quadruple the basic production. It is founded in 2015 in Los Angeles by the Access Rosin, targeting processors, and the cultivators. Rosin has become the fastest cannabis consumer favorite nowadays. No doubt because it gives consumers the satisfaction of a solvent-free concentrate cannabis product. 

4. Parting the Waters 

Parting the waters uses aquaponics, which is an agriculture-focused water-treatment machine, taps the chemistry to break down the water molecules to make the absorption of the plants easier. The company claims that this result includes the lower use of water and greater yield for the company. It is founded in 2017 by BLH Aqua Technology in Seongnam, South Korea. It targets the cultivators. 

5. It’s a Wrap 

It is commonly known as the “wrap-around dehumidification systems.” MSP Technology developed it, and it takes small-plate heat exchangers. It wraps them around by traditional cooking coils for extra and more efficient heating and cooling of the air. 

In using this, the founder Walter Stark said that the system could reduce higher energy costs when in cultivation facilities, and it can also recapture those significant amounts of waters. It is founded in 2001 in Huntington, New York. It targets greenhouse and indoor cultivators.

6. Means to a Vend 

It is a vending machine called “Anna.” Anna is designed to overcome the restrictions that some states have in automated technologies. Anna also includes customer analytics in the cannabis industry, which was founded in 2017 by the Frost Company in Boston. 

It targets retailers and product manufacturers. Anna can weigh 700 pounds of vape cartridges, edibles, drinks, balms, concentrates, and flower packages for about 1008 pieces. Anna works by swiping the ID that is registered in the Anna app. 

7. Roll Away 

Roll Away, commonly known as “rocket box,” is a commercial-grade machine. This commercial-grade machine can roll approximately 453-455 pre-roll in just three minutes, a far faster roller than the typical pre-roll machines in the market. 

It was humbly founded in 2017 by the STM Cann Company in Spokane, Washington. It targets the processors and cultivators. The rocket box is 46 inches tall and weighs 350 pounds, and it has wheels that can roll through the facility. Rockets comes with a three-piece set of the tray with 453 slots.

8. Marketing Matchmaker 

It is a reliable software platform that helps connect cannabis companies seeking to buy advertising spaces in the media outlets, not only in the media outlets but with other businesses that are willing to sell advertising space to cannabis operators too. It is found in 2014 by Adistry Company in Longmont, Colorado. It targets all of the Cannabis companies or businesses.

9. Let It Glow 

Let It Glow is a product of UbiQD that is a quantum-dot film wherein it converts the sunlight into a red-orange spectrum light. By this, it eases the craving of the plant when flowering. The company also says that it helps in increasing the yield. 

It was founded in 2014 in Los Alamos, New Mexico. It targets the cultivators. The cannabis growers usually use expensive lights for their cannabis plants, but with this “let it glow,” it is much cheaper for approximately $100 than the typical lightning. 

10. Sealing Counterfeit’s Fate 

It lets buyers make sure whether the item they bought is original or fake. It provides seals with unique codes. It provides a tamper-proof, serialized seals to make sure the manufacturers, growers, and the makers of vaporized edibles, balms, cartridges, and other products can attach it to their packaging verify the authenticity of the product. 

The seal that is used is tied into the company’s blockchain-based online system. The manufacturers, growers and, buyers can freely visit the system using the serials on the seals for information. It is founded in 2018 by CannVerify Company in San Diego. It targets the product manufacturers and the cultivator.

Selling and Buying Using Mobile Technology (Retail, Delivery, and E-commerce)

People nowadays buy and sell cannabis using mobile phones and other gadgets by different social media platforms and applications. In that way, they do not consume a lot of time meeting and transacting face to face. All they need to do is to click.

Using mobile technology, it is now easier to deliver an item. The cannabis industry can now have uber delivery and other courier services when it comes to delivering. 

App-based Retail

App-based retail is an app that provides buyers an easy way to purchase an item. Some of the apps that have been published publicly are Eaze and Buddy. These apps were made to help have a faster transaction, either for medicinal and recreational purposes. One of the good things here is that the suppliers deliver the items door to door. It is a great step up in the cannabis industry. Upgrades were not only for other industries but rather for all the industries, whether small scale or big scale industries.

Cannabis Technology Tips 

  • The legality of cannabis in a country is very important to manufacturers, growers, and users. The legality gives a chance for an upgrade, such as the app-based retail that focuses on the usage of an application. 
  • Those who do not have any ideas on how cannabis products work other manufacturers have published an application that educates consumers about how cannabis product works. 
  • The cannabis products in some states can be purchased through trusted dealers and through dispensaries. 
  • Anything involved in the cannabis industry must be careful, knowing that the laws provided for cannabis usage are changing from time to time. 


Technology has given everything the chance to change for the better or for the worst. As time goes by, nobody can deny that the innovation of everything using technology is none stop. In the cannabis industry, using technology has a lot of merits, but little did they know there are also demerits. 

The failed war on cannabis brought people the fear and misconceptions about cannabis that needs to be replaced by reliable information and updated facts. It is why applications are made, and the technology helped the people understand the cannabis industry. Technology has a wide range of innovation in all industries, and it makes everything much easier. The cannabis industry is one of its progress.

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