5 Good Reasons Why Buying Marijuana Seeds in Bulk is a Good Idea

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5 Good Reasons Why Buying Marijuana Seeds in Bulk is a Good Idea

During this time, maybe everyone is looking for a way to save money when purchasing something. Maybe you think buying in bulk is a good idea to save not just money but also time for always leaving your home to buy more stocks for your needs. 

What is Bulk Buying?

Buying in bulk means you need to purchase a large quantity of a product one at a time. Buying in bulk may seem you get much possible at the time, but the main goal of buying in bulk is to minimize the overall cost per unit. In such a method, you may now easily compare the price in other brands and retailers.

Buying bulk usually reduces the cost price and definitely lowers the amount you pay on such marijuana seeds. Just make sure to buy the seeds in bulk wisely to avoid ending up purchasing more seeds than you do require.

When it comes to marijuana, purchasing marijuana seeds in bulk are beneficial for both suppliers and growers. Bulk orders let you save time purchasing when you run out of the seed. But, keep in mind that before considering to buy marijuana seeds in bulk, look for a reliable supplier that can give you a high-quality marijuana seed. 

The following are five good reasons why purchasing marijuana seeds in bulk is a good idea.

1. Let You Save Time and Effort

Purchasing marijuana seeds in bulk allows you to save time and save manual effort to go out and purchase for more stock. If you only buy marijuana seeds that you just need within a day or week, you will need to purchase again for the other days. Purchasing in bulk also reduces your effort to go to a reliable supplier that needs to pass on heavy traffic on the road. 

Transporting in a bulk order is more efficient as you can be packed more tightly on trucks making you store more products and let you save time and effort to go back and forth. You can use your time to cultivate and take care of your plant instead of going to the market and purchasing more sets of seeds. 

2. Cost-cutting

Most of the reliable suppliers reduce the selling price of their products once you purchase in bulk. It is their way to encourage you to buy more with them to meet your future demand. In this way, this will not be beneficial for you and them as they lower the price because they also save on the packaging of the product when you buy in bulk. If you consider the cost, then this is a great saving strategy, to begin with. 

Buying marijuana seeds in bulk makes you pay cheaper when you purchase in smaller forms as you are not paying excess for the packaging, making it cheaper than the usual price. Buying in bulk makes you get nothing, but the seed itself simple and pure. Buying 100 or more seeds at a time is a great way to save money and ensure success for collecting your future harvests. Though it is a simple pricing reduction, purchasing more will let you have a bigger discount and save the retail cost of any single strain you will grow.

3. Convenience

Another reason why you need to consider buying marijuana seeds in bulk is all about the convenience that it provides. Buying in bulk means you will not run out of that seeds, making you reduce repeated trips to go in the market and buy more, which is commonly a source of an additional act of buying more unplanned seeds. 

Reducing a few trips to purchase more is very convenient as you have plenty of supplies, making it easier for you to lessen visiting in a different store. It can let you reduce spending money on impulse buys and let you save fuel consumption needed for transportation. Especially during this time, it is very convenient for you to avoid staying outside your home.

4. Environmental Friendly

Purchasing bulk marijuana seeds significantly requires less packaging compared when you purchase in a smaller amount. It will let you save the environment as most of the products come with different packaging that is usually the cause of harming nature. Buying in bulk lessens the amount of garbage from the packaging that usually ends up in streamlines, which is not good for the environment. 

Individual packs that are usually sold in the market are usually made up of plastic, so when you buy in bulk, this will make you prevent using plastic instead. It will lessen the amount of waste plastic, which is not good for the environment. Look for a product packed with paper instead since paper can be composted, making it turn into the soil for your garden.

5. Sustain Demand to Avoid Run out of Supply

By having bulk marijuana seeds, you will avoid running out of supply even for the next growing season. You will need to make a bulk purchase, especially if such marijuana seeds are your customer’s demand or simply it is what you need. 

It is ideal if you use such strain for your medicinal needs, you will easily grow again after harvesting as you have an unlimited supply of that marijuana seed. Moreover, it can avoid running out of stock in the market when you need it as you have enough supply for your daily and future needs.


Buying marijuana seeds in bulk is a good idea for boosting your sales and harvest without increasing traffic. It means you and your customer will get a higher purchase value once the harvesting period comes. For cannabis growers that are looking for discounted retail products will consider buying in bulk. 

It not just comes with a highly low price but comes with different varieties making you easily sell it for great profit. However, when buying bulk marijuana seeds, consider a supplier who has a long experience selling with such seeds. Those sellers guarantee that the seeds they sell give you the best harvest for the future.

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