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Meridian Sour Autoflower Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The crew discovered a planet in the Gamma Quadrant that shifts between dimensions while stopping for fuel and picked up a local delicacy, Alien Melon Auto. Just like the planet, it was from, this Sativa strain will also shift you through different dimensions. The Meridian Sour is small and compact with purple and green buds that glisten like the stars around you leaving you with a moderate yield. The aromas remind you of rocket fuel and melons this Sativa strain will have you floating throughout the day.

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Meridian Sour was crossbred to combine high THC strains with some of the classic fuel-driven terpenes of yesteryear. A traditional sativa with THC levels between 20% and 24%, Meridian Sour features minimal CBD levels, which makes it an ideal strain for daytime use with a focus on functionality.

The child of a fuel-driven sativa and Alien Melon Auto, Meridian Sour is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growth. Meridian Sour is a relatively easy strain to cultivate, which makes it popular for growers looking to get started with a sativa strain. Meridian Sour is best used during the day as its effects can lead to mental stimulation.

Strain Specifications
Type: Sativa

Genetics: Alien Melon Auto x Unknown Sativa

Flowering Period: 7 to 9 Weeks

Climate: Warm

Yield: 500g per Squared Meter

Flavors: Sweet, Gassy, Apple

THC levels: 20% – 24%

CBD levels: Low

Harvest Period: Mid-October

Growing Difficulty: Easy

What Are Meridian Sour Seeds?
With a name that makes your mouth pucker, Meridian Sour seeds are rightfully gaining ground as a popular sativa-driven strain that combines the classic gas terpene profile with high levels of THC. Meridian Sour was an ambitious crossbreeding project that incorporated the uplifting nature of a gassy sativa with the genetics of an Alien Melon auto.

Meridian Sour is a strain that has notoriously seen few changes and alterations over its lifetime, maintaining much of its original integrity. The bud structure of Meridian Sour is traditionally small and compact while retaining its deep purple hues amidst sparkling green buds. With frosty trichome layers coating every inch of cannabis, it is easy to see how this strain got its lip-puckering name. Dense dark nugs give way to a ground flower emitting strong floral, gassy, and fruity scents.

The calling card of this strain is and always will be its name as well as the unique terpene profile that imparts notes of rocket fuel and fruit. With scents of fuel and melon, Meridian Sour is a fantastic strain when consumers are looking for an experience that encapsulates all of the senses. Capably uplifting at any time of day or night, Meridian Sour is a great complement to a day of fun or functional work.

What Are Meridian Sour Effects?
While Meridian Sour is a physically striking plant, its pronounced effects are the real attraction. Just like many other high-THC sativa, Meridian Sour is a strain best reserved for use earlier in the day or while out and about. The driving energy that comes from its sativa lineage is sure to flip a frown upside down while helping you to shift into the next gear.

Thanks to its uniquely uplifting effects, Meridian Sour will keep you floating in the stars throughout the day. Meridian Sour is a sativa strain that is said to impart munchies to its consumers, so keeping healthy snacks on standby can be a necessity when experiencing this strain.

Thanks to its traditionally high THC levels, Meridian Sour can make sensitive consumers paranoid. While minimal, other side effects that come with Meridian Sour cannabis include cottonmouth and red eyes.